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  DAY 1, Sunday, September 15, 2019



Workshop 1:
A practical guide to functional mitral regurgitation
Chairs: Bonaros A, Bauer A


Pathophysiology of different FMR types

Wunderlich N 


Surgical options

Reichenspurner H 


Interventional options

Bauer A 


Echo guidance for treatment

Wunderlich N 


The role of MRI

Mayr A 

14:30 – 15:00


Coffee break




Workshop 2:
Basics in minimally invasive valve surgery

Chair: Dumfarth J, Wisser W










Visualization technology

Müller L 


MICS-Instruments and -retractors

Wisser W 


Remote access perfusion

Pacini D 


Transthoracic clamp and endoballoon occlusion

van Praet F 


Myocardial protection

Seeburger J 


Artifical chords and sutures

Höfer D 


Rapid deployment valves for MICS

Fischlein T 



Coffee break




Workshop 3:
Live-in-a-box: Complex situations in minimally invasive surgery

Chair: Glauber M, Holfeld J


Aortic valve reoperation

Bonaros N 


Mitral valve after previous cardiac operation

Rinaldi M 


Mitfal valve procedures after previous MIMVS

Glauber M 


Biatrial ablation lines for treatment of AF

Doll N 


Right ventricular failure in MICS

Lorusso R 


Mitral valve endocarditis

Holfeld J 


Minimally invasive aortic arch surgery

Dumfarth J 


  DAY 2, Monday, September 16, 2019



Welcome adress: Wolner E






LIVE SURGERIES: Moderator: J-L Pomar
Panel: Fischlein T, Hagl C, Kocher A, Oto Ö, Seitelberger R


Live case 1
Minithoracotomy aortic valve replacement
Surgeons: Mahr S, Laufer G
Learning objectives: Right anterior minithoracotomy access, exposure,
cannulation, prosthesis selection (Rapid deployment vs. standard valve)

Live case 2
Partial sternotomy for AV replacement
Surgeons: Gollman C/ Grimm M
Learning objectives:
J-hemisternotomy approach, cannulation, valve exposure, prosthesis selection
Discussion of strategies: Panel




Coffee break


Presentations during live surgeries:
Case-based patient selection for the aortic valve:

• Full sternotomy

Mestres C 


• Partial sternotomy

Hagl C 


• Mini thoracotomy

Doenst T 



Lunch break




Symposium: The future of aortic valve replacement
Chair: Laufer G, Grimm M, Doll N


A novel mechanical trileaflet heart valve prosthesis

Sievers H 


Ozaki procedure

Krane M 


Innovative valve prosthesis materials



Treating aortic stenosis in low risk patients

Walther T 




Coffee break




Keynote address: Repair or replacement for FMR:

De Bonis M 




LIVE SURGERIES: Moderation: O. Alfieri
Panel: Eichinger W, Folliguet T, Grabenwöger M, Reichenspurner H, Seeburger J


Live case 3
MV surgery through hemisternotomy
Learning objectives: Hemisternotomy access to the mitral and
tricuspid valves, MIMCS facilitators
Surgeons: Holfeld J/ Grimm M
Live case 4
Totally endoscopic repair of degenerative MR
Learning objectives: Team approach, cannulation, cardioplegia
port placement, valve exposure, chordae loops, annuloplasty
Surgeons: Höfer D/ Müller L
Discussion of strategies: Panel




Coffee break


Presentations during live surgeries:



Minimally invasive valve surgery on the awake patient

Oto Ö 


Radiation-induced valvular fibrosis

Holfeld J 


Insights on aortic valve calcification

Gollmann C 







End of Day 2


  DAY 3, Tuesday, September 17, 2019



Honored Guest Lecture

Zilla P 


The burden of rheumatic valve disease – Implications for MICS




LIVE SURGERIES: Moderator: J-L Pomar
Panel: De Bonis M, Lakew F, Lorusso R, Sardari-Nia P, Walther T


Live case 5
Endoaortic occlusion for MIMVS
Learning objectives: Cannulation for intraaortic balloon occlusion, monitoring
patient selection
Surgeon: van Praet F
Live case 6
Endoscopic repair of complex MV disease
Learning objectives: Learning from a master: skin incision, port placement
valve exposure, repair strategy and technique
Surgeon: Perier P
Discussion of strategies: Panel



Coffee break


Presentations during live surgeries:
Case-based patient selection for the mitral valve

• Periareolar access

Liebold A 


• Partial sternotomy for MV

Bonaros N 


• Mini-Thoracotomy multiple valve surgery

Glauber M 




Lunch break




Workshop: Imaging and simulation for MIVS

Sardari-Nia P 


Chair: Treede H, Doenst T, Walther T





Coffee break




LIVE SURGERIES: Moderation: Pomar J-L
Panel: Holzinger C, Liebold A, Reichenspurner H, Treede H, Zierer A


Live case 7
MV repair and concomitant Afib surgery
Learning objectives: Access, energy sources, ablation lines
technique of LAA clip occlusion
Surgeon: Doll N
Live in a Box Case
FMR repair beyond undersized annuloplasty
Learing objectives: Evaluation of leaflet tethering, papillary muscle relocation
Surgeon: Girdauskas E
Live case 8
Totally edoscopic MV repair with percutaneous cannulation
Learning objectives:
Access, percutaneaous cannulation, distal limb perfusion, selection of repair strategy
Surgeons: Bonaros N/ Müller L
Discussion of strategies: Panel




Coffee break



Presentations during live surgeries
Controversis in degenerative mitral valve disease

  • Is MIMVS superior to full sternotomy?

    Treede H 

  • Current role of interventional MV repair

    Andreas M 

  • Is transcatheter MV replacement an option?

    Lutter G 





Alfieri O
Pomar JL 
Grimm M

  DAY 4, Wednesday, September 18, 2019



Track 1: TEE for surgeons

conference room anaesthesiology  




Track 2: Porcine beating heart wetlab
(8 groups of 4–5 participants, 90 Min. per group)

seminar room I  


  • Mitraclip implantation under TEE and cardioscopy guidance

  • Neochord implantation under TEE and cardioscopy guidance

  • Implantation of a balloon expandable TAVI under fluoroscopy and cardioscopy




Track 3: MICS wetlab I

seminar room II  


  • Practising MIMVS. Focus on shafted instruments, videoendoscopy, knot tying demonstration of MICS enablers




Track 4: MICS wetlab II

seminar room II 


  • Identical to Wetlab I

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